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Sales Retention Services is a Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention Call center providing 24/7 top notch BPO solutions | Up To 70% cost efficient. We deliver outsource customer services at the most competitive rate. Your customers are our assets and we believe that it is better to retain them in order to sustain your business growth.

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Thinking about outsourcing or if you have question about it. Let us know. Feel free to Drop us a line or fill out our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Address: 7345 International Place #102 Sarasota, FL 34240

Phone number: 941-702-8145

Email: support@salesretentionservices.com

Customer Acquisition

From small business to large firms, SRS utilized a customized CRM system to aid provide business solutions. We increase the customer base of your business without hurting your budget

Customer Growth

Sales Retention Services presents you with the best source for your business growth sitting right in front of you - your existing customers. Our customer service management team helps make and keep them happy with the products and services.

Customer Retention

We are a call center customer service provider with Customer Retention in our DNA, created by advertisers for advertisers. Growth without retention in business is no growth. So, we promise you that our main priority is to keep your customers returning for more.


SRS's customer service analytics give you an in-depth view of how well our customer service efforts are received. Dig into detailed statistics about your customers. Listen to every phone call. See the main reasons for chargebacks and cancellations. We then craft and implement service strategies to remain ahead of competitors.


Security is no joke. In Sales Retention Services data security and privacy is our top priority. We operate an upgraded and updated system to ensure your information is protected.

Quality assurance

Our management and agents at Sales Retention Service have very high-quality standards. Training, calibrations and dedicated Quality Assurance teams allow us to keep our top quality service.
With SRS Advanced Data Analytics

Start Improving Your Customer Service Today


SRS provides you with the tools you need to keep your customers happy. Using in-depth graphs and charts, you can see how content your customers are, even at a glance. You can also track your most requested products and services, customer’s behaviors, emotions, complaints, satisfaction and suggestions to help improve your business. Therefore, increase the growth and retain many customers than previously.

  • Calls Handled
  • Saves
  • Cancelled

We Are Here For You

Your customers are not the only focus of our relationship, though. We are also here to keep an open line of communication with you, the business owner.

Monitor All Your Data

Dig into detailed statistics about your customers. Listen to every phone call. See the main reasons for chargebacks and cancellations.


At SRS we are committed to the over-delivering of excellent call center and BPO services to our client. Our result oriented policy enables us to be creatively craft customer service and business solutions according to each client.


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