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SRS outsourcing to Philippines call center


  1. Does your business require low-cost sales or customer support?
  2. Do you feel frustrated with your operations and want a tune up?
  3. Tired of Telemarketing, handling calls and other technical and IT related support and ready to outsource?
  4. Ready focus on your business and let our call center take care of your customers’ concern?

Your search is over……,

Outsourcing to SRS Philippines might be the perfect solution to consider!

            The Philippines call center have in recent years become a true “Outsourcing Powerhouse”. More than 1 million agents employed providing customer support and sales for clients in the US, Canada, UK, and other western countries even locally to some international companies based in the country.   Their major driven factor has been driven low costs, close connection and hospitality to the US and other countries, reduction in telecom rates, the evolution of the Internet and service upgrade from different ISPs, the vast pool of educated with excellent English command and accent-free agents in The Philippines.

What you benefit from our Call Centers in the Philippines is an excellent option for low cost, high volume support & sales…

             With Philippines trending as the world’s largest outsourcing destination, the IBPAP forecasts that the call center sector’s revenue will increase by 8.3 percent from 2016 to 2022. This figure translates to $20.4 billion compound annual growth.. The economy has been rapidly growing in recent years thanks to a talented workforce with a high percentage of college graduates and access to great call center technology. In addition, the Philippines has a high percentage of English-speaking citizens with accents similar to Americans.

             Call center outsourcing will always be a big business anywhere in the world but a bigger business in the Philippines.  Many global companies have come to rely on Philippines call centers for telemarketing, customer service, and other business process outsourcing services.  Therefore, Manila, the capital of the Philippines, once was the base for the majority of the Philippines call center companies is now experiencing spilling of quality agents and agency into other metro cities like Cebu city and Davao, etc. The Philippines call centers, in general, provide proficient and well-trained telemarketing agents.

The long history with the United States has produced Filipino agents with extensive knowledge of American culture and social norms.  Agents employed in most call centers already had experience in the use of English or English as a second language. This minimizes communication barriers and assures that your customers are in good hands.

Company Executives and small businesses or clients are realizing the significant benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines. Guaranteed enhanced customer experience and a stronger return of Investments. In addition, cost savings of up to 70%, some key benefits of outsourcing to our SRS  Philippines call center are:

  • High-quality English speaking agents
  • Gifted sales agent
  • Technically trained
  • Virtually adaptable to grow any business
  • Brand promoters and social media marketers 
  • A growing population of experienced talent
  • Significantly reduced costs (up to 70%)
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Customer acquisition and Customer Retention strategies
  • Your satisfaction

We will save you significant time and reduce costs by helping you outsource to The Philippines today. All this at no charge when you contact us.

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