5 Best Qualities We look for in a Customer Service Representative in 2019

5 Best Qualities We look for in a Customer Service Representative in 2019

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Hiring good customer service representatives is just as important as having the right customer management software. Candidates are filtered in a number of qualities, during the hiring process. Regardless of the list of qualities you are looking for, it’s helpful to know exactly what makes an exceptional customer service representative. Here are some of the top qualities we look for:

1. Strong Communication Skills
Although it is given, it is still on top of the list. When we refer to communication skills, it does mean that we only pertain to speaking. An excellent customer service rep knows how to listen not only to respond but to digest the information and in turn deliver an effective solution.

2. Ownership
Customer service reps should know that if they can’t resolve the issue they need to know who to transfer to. It is as equally important as taking ownership of the call. Instead of just transferring the customer right away they display ownership by pointing the customer to the right direction if a transfer is necessary.

3. Detail Oriented
Being a CSR sometimes can be tedious. Answering the same questions and receiving the same complaint day in and day out. Reps tend to assume that all customer they interact with is the same. This is where the little details come in to play. When they pay attention to the details they can tailor-fit a solution and deliver a positive experience to each customer they talk to.

4. Efficient
Excellent representatives can multi-task. They work quickly without sacrificing the quality of service they provide. It is important not only to us but to the customers as well. Customers want their call to be answered as soon as possible and with representatives who work fast, we can reduce the number of callers waiting in line.

5. Think outside the box
An excellent CSR needs to be imaginative. Most of the time work can be monotonous, being presented with the same issue and personality. But in cases wherein they are faced with a difficult customer and an unfamiliar problem, they can think outside the box to come up with a workable solution.

These are just some of the things we are looking for. True enough, it is hard to find good customer service representatives these days, but it helps to know what good qualities to look for.

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