Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services

Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services

Call services emerge as the top services under Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) be it outbound or inbound call services. Let’s take a closer look at

  •  the meaning of inbound call services and outbound call services,
  • their unique characteristics and differences
  • The types of services offered and
  • What clients and businesses should look for when hiring agencies or an agent for both services.


A service call made by clients or customers to a business which is received by an agent from the customer service department of that business. Inbound calls can be related to complaints and resolutions for services or product, technical support for products, help desk, billing and accounting, orders and claims among others. Inbound call centers handle incoming calls.

What is unique about Inbound call center service?

It is powerful because the caller actively contacts your company’s clients to help them solve a problem. The process starts from stumbling upon a piece of valuable information, content or service online or received a recommendation from a friend. Inbound customer service representatives are available anytime day or night to answer questions, solve problems and schedule appointments. These calls are based on listening, helping, and building trust between the caller and your business.
Depending on the software capabilities, an inbound call center can be a complete extension of a business’s office by scheduling appointments or dispatching technicians. This fluid experience gives customers an exceptional experience and builds long-term customer loyalty and hence, increase client retention chances of the agency.

Inbound and outbound call services


Outbound call services are where call center agents make calls to prospective or existing customers on behalf of the client or business with the sole purpose of promoting/selling services or products, generating leads, appointment scheduling, surveys, verification calls, debt collectors and services reminders.

Unique features of Outbound Call Services

Outbound call centers handle outgoing calls. They are the exact opposite of inbound calls. Outbound representatives are calling out to customers for the purpose of initiating a sale. These programs use a list of customers or potential customers that you would like to get in contact with. The purpose is to sell your product, service or conduct over the phone, through surveys or you can also update their contact information.
A unique part of outbound calls are the representatives that make them. Outbound representatives must be comfortable with rejection and cannot be afraid to be assertive. They educate the client on how your solution fits their needs and in the end win the sale. These are not easy calls to make but they are the foundation of growing your business.

Any Similarities?

The basic similarities are that both inbound and outbound call services are all “solution calls” that are outsourced. An easier way to explain this means that while inbound calls cater to the solution based on inquiries from the customer, outbound mostly propose a solution to the customer.
Another constant between this two is a fact that in order for outbound or inbound service call to be complete is that there should be a business, service center or client with an in-house or outsourced agent tasked to receive or call potential customers. This is exactly where sales retention services, Sarasota, Florida comes in with excellence call center services.

Description of Inbound and Outbound-outsourcing in the Philippines
Inbound and Outbound call services

Classification of Call Centers

Local or Domestic Contact Centers

Domestic centers are designed to handle any volume of calls coming from within the same country as the call center is located. For example, agents that are working in a center in India are only taking or making calls within India.
There is a lot of work for those who wish to find work in a call center within India, based on the ever-present need for those who can speak various languages. Those who don’t speak very good English still have a place within this niche of business speaking the tongues that they were raised on, such as Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, and Hindi.

International Call Center

International companies often employ this type of call center to handle the biggest volume of their incoming/outgoing call needs. To follow a similar given example, a center would be deemed international if it were based in the Philippines (or any country) and called out or took calls from many other countries through that center. Sales Retention service Philippines have a trained professional to handle and provide BPO solutions at a much cheaper overhead cost.  
There are plenty of benefits to working in an environment like this, especially for those businesses that are a budget constraint. Philippine is the number one country to outsource your business if you wish to get the same high-end customer support solutions at a cheaper cost. 

Types of Outbound Call services

  1. Customer support – Service call that assists the customers by supplying professional and high-quality services on, before and after the customer’s requirements are achieved. This interaction between the customer and the agent when handled well will bring back the client to purchase more products or services. Hence, good customer service increases client retention.
  2. Inbound sales – Call received by an agent from a customer about a product, service or information that might help the customer to decide if to make the purchase or not. This is the trend e-commerce clients using Shopify, Amazon and eBay prefer most. Taking orders for products or services can also be classified under inbound sales.
  3. Technical Support is the service support calls that require the receiving agent to provide a technical solution to Information Technology (IT). This role expands telesales, onsite technical support, remote IT management and services.
  4. Help Desk – Providing an excellent help desk service is vital to keeping a loyal customer base. This calls services is closely related to technical services support as they also resolve troubleshooting queries and it is essential in retaining old and new customers.
  5. Product Dispatch services – Services that are commonly utilized by clients with Healthcare services, Emergency, and even restaurants and food delivery services.
  6. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – A pre-recorded service call that resolves customer inquiries. You only need to follow the instructions and which number to press in other to resolve certain complaints. An example is experienced in dialing our local mobile and internet provider services.
  7. Toll-free – Usually, these are meant for all those customers who may have inquiries, suggestions, or reactions about the product or the service that they may have bought

Types of Outbound Call Center Services

  1. Lead Generation – Though outbound call center services have gained immense popularity recently in various sectors such as education institutions, insurance agencies, travel departments etc. It is basically the process of attracting interest to your company’s product or services in order to cultivate an audience for your sales via different means such as telemarketing, online lead generation, direct mail etc.
  2. Customer Surveys – Surveys conducted through telephone has enormous significance in contact center services. It is basically a form of research where call center agents make outbound calls to customers regarding their views. This includes how well or how badly its client company is performing along with analyzing customer’s need for advertising/marketing purposes. The companies thus make improvements based on the customer’s feedback.
  3. Tele-sales Services – The service is used by the client companies to promote their products and services to potential customers to build relationships and generate leads over the telephone. It uses both persons trained in conversational skills and sometimes recorded voices known as automated telemarketing to enhance sales, promote products/services or updates the customers with currently available offers
  4. Appointment Scheduling is another one of the important services availed through outbound calling. It involves using the list of profiled and targeted information obtained through lead generation to set up appointments with the prospect leads. Reports containing crucial information are addressed and the unique needs of the prospect to further help conversions.
  5. Verification calls are outbound service calls made solely for verification of information or data collected randomly. An example is seen on business and listing verification in google, real estate, insurance etc. This call can be used in generating high conversion leads.

Qualities a client should look out for when hiring for inbound and outbound call services.

Generally, a good customer service provider must be able to listen and attend to customers effectively to deliver great service.

  • Knowledgeable: Agents need knowledge of the inner workings of the company and products that they represent.
  • Detail-oriented: A good agent must listen carefully to customers and be able to pick up on small details to provide accurate responses to customers.
  • Organized:  Take quick notes, access CRM systems and track recorded conversations while speaking to customers.
  • Flexible: You have to be able to adapt to unique customer queries and situations.
  • Friendly/empathetic: Customer service representatives need to be able to understand a situation from a customer’s perspective and have a positive attitude toward people, even when dealing with difficult problems.
  • Calm under pressure: Agents may have to handle hundreds of customer calls each day. They should be able to maintain composure in stressful situations.
  • Effective communicator: Call center agents to need great verbal and written skills to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Efficient:  Customer Service agents should be able to respond to customers in a timely manner and be proactive in anticipating customer needs.
  • Creative: Call center agents must be able to apply professional, yet unorthodox solutions to customer problems to quickly and effectively resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to read emotions and adjust to best understand the customer.
  • Be Attentive.
  •  Clear Communication Skills: To be able to identify problems at hand quickly.
  •  Time Management Skills: Ability to address the customer’s concern as prompt as possible is vital to a company’s success.
  • Goal Oriented – Business goals and customer satisfaction are easily attained by goal-oriented employees.
  • Analytics – A call agent or agency may handle either outbound or inbound calls exclusively or might deal with a combination of the two. An outbound call center uses distinct metrics to measure agent success, such as cost per call, revenue earned, total calls made and tasks completed. An inbound call center uses different metrics, such as first call resolution (FCR).


Companies that offer or avail inbound and outbound call services understand very well that call centers have the potential to fuel the success of their business. Therefore, they not only keep themselves up to date with the current communication methods but save money and time and most importantly improves the relationship with their customers.

What about you?
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