About Us

We are SRS
Sales Retention Services (SRS) provides services that can be outsourced to manage customer call queries working 24/7 throughout the year via telephone, email or chat. We provide Inbound Call Services, Outbound Call Services, Virtual Assistants, Technical Support and Sales Verification. You can actually outsource almost any task/job to SRS Call Center in Sarasota.

Who are we?

Sales Retention Services is a full option Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that stands out with dedicated customer/client retention call center in Sarasota. We provide 24/7 tailor-fit business solutions to our customers powered by our highly skilled and dedicated team. Our aim is to offer our clients world class customer service results with our specialized team exclusively crafted for each task at reduced costs and risks by 70%, increased savings and revenues with optimized workflow.

We care more about our client’s success and use our customer retention services as our biggest asset. We help our client scale their businesses and conquer their niches.

Our services

Whatever is the nature of your business, you can turn to us for credible, workable and customized services that will allow you to focus on your core competencies and grow your business while generating more revenue. Our service to your customers aims to keep them coming back [Customer Retention Services].

We specialize in applying our creativity to provide you, our client with inbound and outbound call services, virtual assistance to any industry, high-conversion live transfer leads, real-time appointment setting, and effective product and service surveys to enhance your customer service. We are also completely capable of servicing specific industries such as telecommunications through our high-volume, e-commerce order taking and processing, finance through skilled accounting and billing services, technical services and health care through our accurate medical transcription services.

What we do

Are you a client with a business or in search of a virtual assistant or team to handle your e-commerce site, plan your schedule, handle your calls and set appointments? We have a standby agent or team to handle that according to your specification.

Does your company provide small business opportunities or franchise to people? You can substantially cut back on your costs by tapping our vast expertise and advanced equipment.

Are you an educational institution thinking of ways to cost-effectively manage student loans? Then we are also the capable and trustworthy BPO partner you are looking for.

Bottom line: we can serve almost any kind of industry under the sun with our diverse and flexible outsourcing solutions that use multiple channels, Outbound, and Inbound call services such as phone, e-mail, Web chat, and the Internet among others.

  • Call Center services 
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Back Office and Help desk
  • Sales
  • Appointment setting
  • Billing 
  • Chat
  • Order processing
  • Retention
  • Technical support
  • Professional Services

We hire the best professionals, including call center agents, IT experts, Web developers and marketers to offer the most complete line of solutions to all our clients. Other industries we are prepared to work with include Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, and Travel Services. Indeed, we are the one-stop shop for high-quality outsourcing services.

How we do it

Firstly, we assess your needs, identify your objectives and goals coupled with the given time frame to actualize it. Then we get rid of your growth limitations after running our audit. We then direct your queries to our specialized team that will excellently execute your project. We have friendly representatives’ online ready to listen intently to your inquiries. So contact us today and, together, we will come up with a practical proposal plan that is tailored according to your requirements that will boost and grow your business to previously unreachable levels and secures the future of your business.

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