Inbound Call Center Services

Customer service lives at the heart of everything we do, from answering the phone to fielding questions, addressing customer concerns, and processing an order. Our customized call center options include the professional and courteous handling of inbound calls, from a friendly hello though accurate, secure data entry and follow-up. These services can be added at any time to an existing engagement and can be scaled for peak processing or ongoing support. We work closely with clients to provide in-depth initial training and ongoing team updates. Also, we deliver customized reporting and a valuable feedback loop as to the perspective of the member and customer base.

Leading call center with exceptional service

Customer service representatives (CSRs) can field complex orders, frequently combining the cross-selling of products, memberships, and event registration. Customer service inquiries commonly include assistance with website navigation and password resets, certification requirements for accreditation, Tier 1 help desk support for online learning and electronic document fulfillment, and much more.

Dedicated project teams handle:

  • Customer service interaction via phone, fax, email, mail, and online
  • Order processing and data entry into our clients’ systems or SRS own system
  • Caging and financial processing
  • Accounts receivable and collection services

Our CSR agents take care of live entry while the caller is on the phone; we provide data entry directly into our client’s internal software or SRS Personify system. Using each client’s outlined procedures, CSRs capture contact information, order requirements, and any marketing statistics applicable to the program.

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24/7 Customer Support

Customer service is indeed a sensitive area of business. That’s why in Sales Retention Services, we live up beyond the expectation of our Clients and Customers standard. Every service we provide revolves around the building of trust and over-delivering our promises as far as customer service is a concern. We aim at not only servicing your customers 27/4 but retaining them with our client retention service program. Sales Retention Services otherwise known as SRS will not only drastically cut your overhead costs down by 70% but will also vastly enhance your customer relationship.

Are you looking to boost your small to large scale business through an outsourced call, emails and web chat services?

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner with a track record in client retention?

Then, your search is over because our wide-range of customer service solutions with specialized agents well trained to handle both inbound and outbound call services. In SRS we aim to reduce risks for your business while empowering it to earn more revenue and build stronger customer recognition.

How we help our clients

  • In SRS we bring our level of expertise tied with our wealth of experience that to the table to ensure that customer interactions will be meaningful and transparent to customers at an appropriate degree.
  • SRS integrate and collaborate expertise, experience and synchronize our goals with your goals so that our highly skilled call center agents will practically turn into YOUR people who know YOUR business.
  • We indulge your culture and brand and our expert managers will see to it that the agents under you will intimately know your products and services and will be able to provide comprehensive technical support to your customers.
  •  Flexible customer service will provide you with expert cross-selling and upselling services and a quick response system for sudden trends and surges in call volume. Our results are also completely measurable and customizable to your needs.
  • We work with you to reduce the cost you would have hired a Virtual assistant by 70% while receiving the best customer services from our agents.

Here are just a few specific customer services that we can provide your business with:

  1. Diverse customer acquisition strategies
  2. Personalized customer care
  3. Astonishing direct response
  4. Upselling and Cross-selling
  5. High-conversion B2B
  6. Excellent Customer and Sales Retention

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is a staple in any business, and whatever is the size of your company, you have to have some form of customer acquisition strategy to remain in the race. The problem is that the mounting challenges in today’s economy are making it difficult for you to acquire new customers and maintain old ones without hurting your savings and your potential for expansion.

We are glad to tell you that the solution to your customer-service problems is now within your grasp. Our customer acquisition services are designed to be of low cost to you and at the same time, aid you in achieving stable growth and increasing your savings.

Why you should let sales retention services handle your customer acquisition campaign?

Customer acquisition is not as simple as it sounds. Specialized knowledge, tools, and infrastructure are required to build a customer base strong enough that you will be able to branch out to other products or services without hurting your bottom line. We can provide you with this kind of customer acquisition that minimizes risks and presents sure-fire solutions for generating more revenue.

With our intensively trained call center agents and other professionals working at the forefront of your customer acquisition campaign, your sales leads will significantly increase in a shorter period of time while you save on investment. Furthermore, your relationship with your customers will vastly improve, resulting in higher customer retention rates and conversions. Our highly experienced managers and supervisors will see to it that all the people working for you are providing meaningful personal interactions with customers, so more people will come to trust your brand and avail of it.

How do we enhance your customer acquisition strategies?

When you make the wise decision to work with us, you will have the opportunity to tap our massive pool of experience, knowledge, human resources, and equipment to sharpen your customer acquisition campaign. Here are just a few of the services that we offer:

  • Inbound and outbound telemarketing
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Data mining
  • Direct marketing
  • Back-office operations
  • Product and service surveys

Aside from these services, we are also completely capable of handling management of orders, verification of data, account activation, application processing and many more. We deploy a combination of highly skilled workers and intelligent automated systems to carry out our well-planned sales and marketing techniques. Take note that all our solutions are customizable and scalable to the size and needs of your business. This way, we can help you drastically cut down on your overhead costs while maintaining a steady stream of profit.

The key to trumping your competitors is to break your production and revenue-generation limits. Contact us to know more about our unmatched customer acquisition services that have helped various businesses translate their vision into reality in a cost-effective manner.

Client Retention Services

Client retention refers to the ability of a company to keep clients, customers or consumers. Customer retention is impacted by how many new customers are acquired, and how many existing customers churn. You lose customers when they cancel their subscription, not returning to buy, or closing a contract. At SRS we prevent you from losing customers and aim at maintaining a high rate of customer or client retention.

A Definition of Customer Retention

Customer retention refers to the activities and actions companies and organizations take to reduce the number of customer defections. The goal of our customer retention programs is to help companies retain as many customers as possible, often through Sales, customer loyalty and brand loyalty initiatives.

Customer Retention Rate =

((# Customers at End of Period – # Customers Acquired During Period)) / # Customers at Start of Period)) X 100

Our aim is to walk you through acquisition, growth, and retention during the period of our contract and beyond. And always verify our analytics to appreciate the positive feedbacks of satisfied customers.

When companies dedicate time, resources, and creativity to improve customer retention, not only does it make customers happy, it brings the companies more success too.

It is important to remember that customer retention begins with the first contact a customer has with a company and continues throughout the entire lifetime of the relationship.

Our Customer Retention Strategy Benefits

While most companies traditionally spend more money on customer acquisition because they view it as a quick and effective way of increasing revenue,

SRS customer retention often is faster and, on average, costs up to seven times less than customer acquisition. Selling to customers with whom you already have a relationship is often a more effective way of growing revenue because companies don’t need to attract, educate, and convert new ones.

The proof is in statistics: according to studies done by Bain, increasing customer retention by 5% can lead to an increase in profits of 25% – 95% and the likelihood of converting an existing customer into a repeat customer is 60% – 70%, while the probability of converting a new lead is 5% – 20%, at best.

How Sales Retention Services Improves Customer Retention

Here is how we in SRS improve your business and retain your customers. We have compiled some of the more successful customer retention strategies and techniques and outline them here, for your convenience:

  • We set customer expectations – Set customer expectations early and a little lower than you can provide to eliminate uncertainty about the level of your service and ensure you always deliver on your promises.
  • We opt to be the customers’ trusted advisor – You need to be the expert in your particular field so that you can gain customers’ trust and build customer loyalty.
  • We ensure you build relationships that grow to trust.
  • We implement anticipatory service so that you can eliminate problems before they occur.
  • We assist you to take advantage of social media trend to build relationships – Use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to connect and communicate with customers and give them a space for sharing experiences with your company, so they can become brand ambassadors.
  • We go the extra mile, above and beyond to build strong relationships with customers and build long-term loyalty by paying attention to their needs and issues.
  • We personalized service and improve customer experience. This is something customers are expecting and demanding. We make your experience personal to strengthen the bond with your brand.

Rather than try to manage customer retention with a mishmash of customer retention strategies, @ SRS we use customer retention software systems and targeted customer retention plans to improve sales retention.

Domestic and Offshore BPO services

Sales retention services not only have the head office location in Sarasota, Florida but also an offshore in the Philippines. In SRS, we have well-trained agents in these locations ready to provide inbound and outbound call services.

Offshore Client Services

Many clients have had negative feelings according to consumers in the US and many native English speaking nations.  Much of that might be justified because some companies have used poorly trained call centers staffs in India or The Philippines.  Instead of opting for an agency that trains these staffs to handle businesses and client support services, they usually go for the cheap labor through various job advertisement sites. In SRS we have taken a step forward to solve this.

All our staffs are highly trained to handle inbound and outbound call services, Back office, Technical support services, Sales and retention, Virtual assistance and other professional services. They possess neutral to natural English speaking accent.

The upgraded internet connection from 4G to 5G speed and bandwidth which is about to be implemented in the Philippine makes it an attractive destination for all outsourcing businesses. The combination of low costs and superior technical skills have made call centers in the Philippines and Latin America an invaluable tool for many businesses today.

That being said, offshore and domestic agencies both have their place in the current call center industry both in Sarasota, Florida and in the Philippines.

Here is a breakdown of the services offered:

  • High volume Outbound Consumer Lead generation or sales and retention services with very large targets/lists, email marketing
  • High Volume Inbound Customer Support
  • Back Office Functions like Virtual assistant, Appointment setting, Schedule manager Chat, and Online Research
  • Functions that involve low margin products/services
  • Technical support
  • Web development and management
  • Digital marketing

Offshore call centers aren’t a fit for everything…but the cost savings are substantial and worth considering in the proper situation.

Onshore Client Services

The main office in Sarasota, Florida caters for full-service support. When compared to other call centers, our service cost is really at 70% lower than what other call BPO charge for services.

  • B2B Sales or Lead Generation with a finite database
  • High-Value Inbound Support
  • Low Volume Inbound or Outbound
  • Functions that involve high margin products/services
  • Technical services
  • IT and management

Higher priced call centers are still thriving because certain applications simply require the BEST agents possible.

For more than a decade, offshore outsourcing has been a great choice for businesses that want to cut costs and increase efficiency.  However, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Hiring an external call center, whether it’s an offshore or onshore call center, carries some amount of risk.  You are sharing information with a third party company, while also tasking them with connecting to your customers…THAT IS A BIG DEAL!  That’s why finding the best possible call center partner (for your unique situation) is vitally important to the success of your outsourcing efforts.

Up-selling and Cross-selling

The soaring global economy is continuously driving companies to find ways to cut costs down while maintaining good profit margins. One way to effectively do this is by outsourcing your cross-selling and up-selling requirements to experts in this field, like us. Through our specialized marketing and sales knowledge and tools, we can help you close more sales and generate more revenue, ensuring the steady growth of your business.

Around sixty percent of call centers today are not capable of effective cross-selling and upselling, which means their clients’ investments are not fully utilized to their true potential. With us working for you, you will be able to reach new horizons in sales and marketing while you concentrate on other more important tasks in your business. All you need to do is leave your cross-selling and up-selling needs to our highly trained call center agents and reap the rewards.

What are Cross-selling and Up-selling?

Cross-selling and up-selling are essential techniques in telemarketing that should be handled with expertise and utmost care. Cross-selling occurs when a call center agent notifies the customer on the other line about products and/or services that are related to the ones he is currently trying to avail. For example, a customer who buys a fat burning supplement might also be interested in purchasing a protein shake product. While the customer may not avail of the related product immediately, he will remember where he got the suggestion from, so he will return to that company if ever he feels the need to try protein shake supplements.

On the other hand, Upselling happens when a call center agent draws the attention of the customer to a product and/or service that’s similar to the one he currently tries to avail but is greater in value. For example, a customer who buys a pair of repair tools for his technical repairs may also be interested in purchasing a complete toolbox kit for his repairs that contains all tools. Upselling is a very sensitive process, so the agent must handle it with extreme care, else the customer will get turned off.

With our intensively trained agents on the front lines however, you have nothing to worry about because we can expertly navigate our way through customers’ moods and needs. If you need to cross-sell and up-sell your products and services, we are the people for the job.

What are the benefits of cross-selling and up-selling?

The answer: a whole lot. In fact, in today’s global economic slowdown, outsourcing your cross-selling and up-selling needs is one of the few business strategies that make absolute sense both in the short run and in the long run. Here’s why:

  1. Outsourcing your cross-selling and up-selling needs allows you to focus on other more important tasks in your business, like research, decision-making, planning and tracking your growth.
  2. Through careful handling of customer needs, your customer base will grow as people will come to trust you and your sincere effort to help them solve their everyday problems. Thus with a more solid bottom line, you can encourage more people to buy a more diverse array of products and services.
  3. Optimum levels of marketing and sales efficiency are achieved because you rely on highly skilled call center agents to cross-sell and upsell products and services for you. You won’t be able to have as much success in this field if you only rely on your limited telemarketing knowledge and tools.
  4. You will have access to advanced technologies and equipment that will make your sales and marketing campaigns soar to new heights
  5. Finally, you will be able to generate a larger and more consistent stream of revenues because of minimal investment, huge savings and increasing profits.

We know you love the idea behind outsourced cross-selling and upselling. Contact us and let’s start to map out your road to success.

Products and services promotion

In SRS we ensure effective promotion of product and service. This is crucial if you are planning to launch a new line of products and/or services to your target market. Without a dynamic information and persuasion campaign, the risk of turning away customer’s increases significantly with the possible danger of negatively affecting your bottom line. Working with us, however, vastly reduce the risk or totally eradicated through our mastery of cost-effective by 70% and the results speaks for itself as we retain more of your customers and increase the sales retention analytics.

The promotional tools we use tools are custom-made to fit each client according to their businesses. We always come out with a creative solution that is diverse and scalable to your needs.

Our product and service promotion strategies include

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • e-commerce
  • sales,
  • Appointment setting
  • Public relations among others.

We can also formulate smart combinations of these strategies in order to come up with the best marketing and sales plan for your business.

Allow us to briefly explain how we can create a safe and easy platform for promoting your products and services.

How we can help you?

  1. SRS trained agents can promote your products and services without turning away customers because of incorrect marketing approaches such as excessive customer engagement and unskillful deployment of data.
  2. The wealth of experience in telemarketing services has equipped us with tried and tested procedures in communicating with leads of every level, whether customers, executives or business owners.
  3. Build a solid CUSTOMER BASE for our client by developing and handling hotlines, advisory notices, product recalls, line extension introductions and other customer service tasks that other firms cannot properly accomplish.
  4. Best solutions are strictly cost-effective and aimed at generating the most revenue for you while increasing your savings.
  5. Large, medium-sized or a startup business, in Sales Retention Services our management can draw up a workable plan for the enhancement of your marketing and sales forces.

Contact us today, so we can advise you on how best to promote your brand as you cut down costs.

Technical support/Help desk services

The Technical Support teams of SRS, maintain, and enhance your product or platform to augment the end customer experience that is critical for your business. We work with our clients to establish well-defined process strategies that support your business objectives. We communicate with your customers through calls, live chats and email. Our quality assurance department of the technical team ensure quality monitoring process and effective optimization models ensure predictable service levels and cost advantage.

Technical support services include;

Application support

  • Application monitoring and maintenance
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • Application deployment
  • Performance tuning

Product support

  • Performance management
  • User and feature support
  • Product usability training or demo
  • Deployment

Technical helpdesk

  • Technical service desk support
  • User training and assistance
  • Review, verification, and validation of data
  • QA of data displayed on the product or application

You can give us a call today or send a message and we will send you a fully customized free quote.

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