Non-Voice BPO Services

Customer Service Non-voice call centers, Sarasota
Non-voice BPO services

Sales Retention Services  (SRS) BPO does not specialize solely on providing call center services; but also a trusted provider of non-voice BPO solutions, ranging from web-based customer support to sales functions like lead verification and qualification and content writing or marketing.

Having these solutions alongside your voice-based services, customers are provided with more convenient ways of reaching your company, using the point of contact they best prefer. We operate back office outsourcing can also bring massive benefits to your internal operations by lifting ancillary tasks.

Let our customer service non-voice team handle your non-voice functions like fraud support, image moderation, data management, and e-commerce assistance so that you can focus on higher-priority business aspects that are tied directly to your growth.

Email and Chat support

Email is the most affordable and modern means of communication. It is easy and effective in a client and customer relationship. It is a ubiquitous communication channel that businesses use to facilitate the transfer of information within their boundaries.

Chat allows the sharing of data in real time.  As such, assisting the customers with queries and complains regarding either the business site or the products and services.

In Sales Retention Services, as far as non-voice BPO services is concerned we;

  1. Harness the unique and dynamic capabilities of e-mail and chat to aid your marketing and sales campaign.
  2. Provide these services at a cut-down price when you outsource your sales and marketing campaign to us.
  3. Offer creative, workable and profitable approach via this powerful service to clients who want to increase their revenue conservatively.

What are the BENEFITS of our email and chat services as Non-voice BPO services?

  • Unlike calls, e-mail and chat are less intrusive to customers because these channels allow them to take their time answering questions. In addition, since mobile phones and computers are virtually everywhere, you can throw a bigger to haul in leads into your brand.
  • E-mail and chat are also less subject to space and time constraints than other forms of communication. In light of this, it is clear why e-mail chat support should be a staple to any marketing or sales program.
  • By working collaboratively with you, our strictly filtered and intensively trained team of contact center agents and other professionals will build a knowledge database of information and FAQs about your campaign.

This knowledge database will make response time a lot shorter. Thereby, developing  in time into a comprehensive reference guide to customer inquiries, concerns, transactions and handling procedures. Increase in database updates, increases  the volume of leads processed in a shorter period of time. Hence, resulting in soaring revenues for you.

Services we offer?

In SRS Non-voice BPO services, you can expect nothing less than a diverse and advanced e-mail chat support service from us. Our highly skilled manpower, specialized knowledge, and reliable equipment. Whether you are a large, medium or a startup business, our e-mail and chat services are customizable and scalable to your needs. Here are just a few of the specific services we offer:

  • Responsive Customer Care.
  • Advanced Technical Support.
  • Flexible Product and Service Promotion.
  • Accurate Order Verification and Fulfillment.
  • Effective Inquiry Resolution.
  • Fraud support.

Language barriers are never a problem for us because we only hire the best speakers and writers of English. We have agents on standby for hire on other languages if that’s what you need. Finally, all solutions are cost-effective and you don’t have to purchase expensive equipment and software to pull off for this service.

This is your chance to multiply your customer service force without any significant risk to your investment. E-mail chat support is a sure-fire way to reach higher productivity levels and cut overhead costs.

Come and discuss this with us today, so you can let go of all your worries and start earning more profit.

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