Outbound Call Center Services

Customer Acquisition and Telemarketing

When outsourcing your customer acquisition and telemarketing services, you need to look for a company that offers a diverse array of telemarketing solutions like us. Our outbound call center service experience in the telemarketing industry has enabled us to provide all the essential telemarketing services that our clients need to compete more effectively in their fields.

Our services are exclusively outbound and inbound telemarketing, sales, product and service surveys, lead generation, B2B and B2C telemarketing, appointment setting and many more. All of these solutions are customizable and scalable to your needs, so you can generate more revenue while cutting down costs and saving on investment.

We assess your business and describe in greater detail how we can help your business achieve stable growth both in the short run and in the long run.

How we help Telemarketing businesses through our outbound call center services

We have the complete tools of the trade to handle all types of outbound and inbound calls. In addition, our growing team is composed of intensively trained call center agents who have a treasure trove of experience in dealing with customers from all over the world. Regardless of the communications channel: phone, e-mail, white mail, catalogs, faxes, print or websites, we can handle all transactions smoothly and effectively.

Our experienced call center agents are also adept at sensitive cross-selling and upselling, so your marketing and sales campaigns are always maximized. You can rely on us to close sales, take orders, generate leads, set appointments, and make follow-up calls in the most professional way possible.


Through in-depth research and skillful navigation of people’s needs, we can turn your prospects into eager leads and buyers who will create revenue for your business. We will empower you to broaden your business networks like never before, so you have more opportunities to strengthen your brand. Furthermore, we closely follow important pieces of legislation, such as Do Not Call, to keep your organization within safe legal limits.


Most of your revenues will come from customers who will try to avail of your products and services. Our highly skilled call center agents can deliver an appealing personal experience to each customer, so they will be more encouraged to avail of your brand. Plus, we will also carefully look for and exploit cross-selling and upselling opportunities to create the most revenue for your business. Because of our effective workforce management and strict adherence to the Do Not Call List, you are assured that no customer will get turned off by unwanted telemarketing calls.


Our diverse services are not only limited to large and medium-sized companies. If you are a startup figuring out how to start generating profits while taking care of budget considerations, you have found the right people to work with. Our scalable solutions will ensure that you can start your sales and marketing activities immediately without getting stuck in managing and processing peripheral tasks.

We are ready to show you how we can break your marketing and sales limits using our specialized telemarketing knowledge, tools and equipment.

Contact us today, so we can discuss the practical and cost-effective way to secure your business’ future.

Lead Generation and Validation

Lead generation is what drives both Inbound and Outbound call center services, BPOs and businesses that aim at scaling, retargeting and retaining of customers. As such, it should be handled with exclusive care. At SRS we offer solutions to your business or organizations that can save it from being that rejected, annoying, disruptive cold caller.

We have astonishing and performing inbound and outbound sales agents on the standby with a track record of high conversion rate with a live transfer. Our management ensures that we set up a creative strategy to secure leads that convert high. Not every lead are worth chasing after. Thus, we operate through a strict logistical sales lead qualification system. Our sales lead validation strategies allows us to successfully filter leads so that none of your time and other resources are wasted, and more opportunities are created for revenue generation. This means that the leads we deliver to you are uniquely made for you and your sales team to close the deal.

How do we generate and qualify leads in SRS?

We have a template for lead generation and validation procedures which ensure that all your leads are completely accessible, which means you can conveniently contact them through various communication channels. You will not have that dreadful experience of chasing down a lead for days and weeks when you work with us. The vast expertise of our call center agents and the reliability of our software and equipment enable us to build a database of leads who urgently need you and not the other way around.

Since the SRS is strongly identified with sales and retention, all our call agents are well trained to handle inbound and outbound sales service calls

Sales Retention Services offers you the best strategy that is focused on using your blog, social media, referral, and email marketing otherwise known as promotional marketing to create a landing page with a form to capture the lead.

We take full advantage of the generated leads using our outbound agents to contact by call or email the leads about the products and services.

Then we process live transfer leads or set appointment for the conversion team to close the sales

SRS sales team can live transfer lead generation service so impressive that it empowers our clients to achieve higher retention rates.

We only hire the most highly skilled and experienced people who can dexterously navigate people’s moods and preferences and sway them to avail of our clients’ brands. These people can also deploy information and escalate leads in the most appropriate manner. We do not take any little detail of our craft for granted, not even lead rejections.

Lead score

Lead scoring is a way to qualify leads generation quantitatively. Using this technique, leads are assigned a numerical value (or score) to determine where they fall on the scale from “interested” to “ready for a sale”. The criteria for these actions is completely up to you, but it must be uniform across your marketing and sales department so that everyone is working on the same scale.

A lead score can be based on actions they’ve taken, the information they’ve provided, their level of engagement with your brand, or other criteria that your sales team determines. For instance, you may score someone higher if they regularly engage with you on social media or if their demographic information matches your target audience.

Borrowing from the examples above, you might give a lead a higher score if they used one of your coupons — an action that would signify this person is interested in your product.

The higher a lead’s score, the closer they are to becoming a sales-qualified lead (SQL), which is only a step away from becoming a customer. The score and criteria are something you may need to tweak along the way until you find the formula that works, but once you do, you’ll transform your lead generation into customer generation.

What our SRS clients benefit from our lead generation and validation strategies

  • Your company or business can choose which product or service they wish to offer to target prospects or potential customers
  • You can choose the geographical area that the business is interested in
  • Your business can agree on pricing on a per lead basis
  • You may only for the leads that are obtained
  • Regulate the number of leads a business wishes to get per month.

If you want to start generating profits and decreasing unnecessary costs contact us and we’ll show you how it can be realistically done in the shortest possible time.

Web Partials Completion

This is when a lead is captured because the customer showed the intent to purchase a product but failed to complete the transaction due to unforeseen circumstances. We have trained agents on the go that handle this type of situations for our clients. They reach out to this type of customers and close the deal by assisting the customers and convincing them to proceed with the transaction.

The result is a happy customer and client with profit and growth. This keeps our client with their customers coming back.

Appointment Settings

SRS professional agents for appointment setting are well trained for these services. This can be a lucrative business, which is why many poor firms have tried to cash in on it by providing the most insipid appointment services possible.

We have risen above this distasteful trend by truly refining our ways to set meaningful and revenue-generating appointments for our growing list of delighted clients. Our golden standards of appointment setting ensure that every call you make is a valuable opportunity to sell your products and services or make your brand recognition stronger.

But how exactly do we set ourselves apart from your average appointment-setting company? Let us show you.

Our appointments are always confirmed.

In telemarketing, quality is always better than quantity. The problem with lesser firms is they set hundreds of appointments only for their clients to realize that a mere handful of the customers on the other line can actually be accessed or have fruitful businesses to transact. This kind of failure will not only drain your time, money and resources but will also stunt the growth of your business. When you work with us, you will have the opportunity to utilize our strict filtering system, which ensures that all your appointments are confirmed and each point of contact is an opportunity develop your business in diverse ways.

We set precise appointments at all level

Our large pool of highly skilled appointment setters enables us to set precise appointments between the right parties at any level. We don’t encounter any difficulties setting any kind of appointment, whether it’s C, VP or Board-level. Because of our wealth of experience in handling sensitive appointments, we are able to approach all the parties involved in the most professional and desirable manner.

Our gold is an insight into your goals.

While we are proud of our deep knowledge of the appointment setting industry and our agents have worked in various fields, the thing we value the most when it comes to appointments is still your knowledge of your own business. Your insights are valuable to us, so we will develop collaborative techniques that will synchronize our plans and goals. Thus, you will never be kept out of the loop during the entire course of our intimate working relationship.

Live or real-time

Our professional standards are so high that it will be an extreme embarrassment to us if you somehow end up with an appointment that has gone cold because of too much delay. To secure your trust, we will only deliver live real-time appointments to you, so no second of your precious time is wasted on non-profitable business deals.

 Customized Appointment setting

There is no point tapping customers who don’t plan to do any business in your field in the first place. Thus, we will develop a customized appointment-setting package for you to yield the most remarkable results possible. We can also supply you with appointment setters who can speak the specific language required to attract your customers. Through the combination of all these smart and focused appointment-setting strategies, your sales and marketing forces will grow like never before.

These are just some of the ways by which we have successfully distinguished our brand from lesser companies. If you want to work with real experts in the industry, we are the people you’re searching for. Try us out and witness the amazing results yourself.

Market Research, Feedback and Survey Services

In SRS we develop your business is to obtain feedback from your target market – your customers who essentially matters the most.

Business owners need to discover what consumers think of their product or service and get hold of their opinions about the competition. Questions like, “Would people vouch for your service to family and friends or colleagues? Are people more expected to use your product over the same offer in the market? Is your customer care good enough?” The response you get will help adjust your offering ahead of the schedule before you introduce or make it available to the public.

As a business owner, you do not have the luxury of time to focus and work on this particular task since you dedicate most of your time to more important matters. So the best way to get this done is to outsource market research and survey to a call center provider like Sales Retention Services.

Sales Retention Services Call Center provides premium mail, telephone, and online survey research for consumer and business-to-business market research surveys, and all sorts of customer satisfaction, loyalty and feedback surveys.

Market research and survey services offered by SRS

  •  Feedback form writing
  •  Survey hosting
  • Survey management
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing

We have a team of contact center experts focused on delivering quality survey work and results on time for clients. Our services are reasonably priced and we have an eye toward long-term relationships with our clients from all over the world.

Our professional researchers along with our account managers and field representatives are very much experienced in their respective fields. Behind the research at hand, our team has a solid grasp on the business issues and the business industry in general. SRS strives to be exceedingly receptive from the initial inquiry throughout the engagement. We are one of the leading market survey companies for full-service projects, offering excellent proficiency and extremely competitive pricing so that our clients can maximize their return of investment on research efforts.

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Order taking and Fulfillment services

Are you struggling with the number of incoming orders and fulfillment request?

We’re pretty sure that, like most businesses, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to ease the queued order request more goods and services while keeping costs in check. Believe it or not, your search may just have come to an end. Consider the Order Taking Customer Call Center service from Sales Retention Service (SRS).

An Order Taking Call Center Service is a business tool that makes purchases of goods and services easy and safe. This is done via a live, human customer care representative taking down the purchase details, as well as processing all necessary paperwork and payments. How can this benefit your store?

If you’re an e-commerce retailer, for instance, you can not only cash in on the success but even bring it up a notch. With an order taking service, your potential customers can call up, live chat or email their orders after they’ve browsed and decided on what to avail of on your online site. While the aforementioned tasks of order taking and delivery can easily have been taken care of by the site’s shopping cart, the customer rep can answer any questions or address any concerns your clients may have with their purchase. Moreover, having a live agent assist clients—just as the salesperson would at a physical store—gives them peace of mind while shopping and more importantly, when shopping for their products.

Order and Fulfillment services offered by SRS

  • Application
  • Order fulfillment
  • Subscription services
  • Claims processing
  • Feedback collection
  • And more

Needless to say, through the help of an offshore inbound contact center service means your store can stay open 24/7—even on holidays. Business likewise gets a boost as you can sell your wares to the world at any time. And of course, that friendly call center agent can provide true customer satisfaction by taking care of each client—from the purchase decision process to those times when things might just go wrong and they need someone to turn to for help. And this is what brings customers back.

If you want to experience all these—plus more, turn to the most trusted name in Order Taking services—Sales retention services Call Center. Get to know more about us and how we can help your business grow.

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