Words every sales representative should avoid or utilize effectively

Words every sales representative should avoid or utilize effectively

Sales representative words to watch out for

Are you struggling as a sales representative to convince your customers? Your script sucks or barely get you sales? Do you get rejected at the mention of some words or phrase? You are not alone! You might want to change your approach insert few power words and eject the turn-offs from your scripts especially the rebuttals. Let’s start with the words you should avoid and why you should avoid them.   

Words every salesman or sales representative should avoid

To be honest or to be frank

Why would anyone believe anything that comes from you after this phrase “to be honest with you” or “to be frank with you”? It creates uncertainty or doubt on whatever you said previously meaning it was all a lie except the words that came after the phrase.

Trust me

The real world situation is so harsh that whenever you hear “trust me”, it means you know you’re not trustworthy. So, you need this words to convince the customer. Every salesman should have it at the back of their mind that the brand they are promoting has been considered trustworthy by the customer before they indicated interest in it. The sales representative should focus on the benefits of the products to the customer instead.

Sorry to bother you

You might want to bridge the gap between your customers by not stooping so low to say “sorry to bother you”. You are already bothering him or her by calling a total stranger. Stating the reason your calling would be more appropriate and go straight to the point because you’re exchanging value for money.

Just following up

This triggers a response that this is a sales call. Most of the time the customer will reject the offer from this call because they don’t want to be bothered and not that they wouldn’t want to buy.


People love the action but hate the word. This is because buy triggers spending money on what you don’t need due to pressure to do so. Would you like to own this or take home with you is a better option.


The word contract sounds too serious. More like a paperwork or signing your life away. Choose agreement instead. Let’s get the paperwork out of the way is more enticing but it still points toward a contract.

I haven’t heard back from you

This sounds like your customers are obliged to get in touch with you. Don’t embarrass them but offer something that will add value to them.

We are better than our competitors

Never put down competitor praise them instead. Have you ever talk to them? Try to know why they haven’t gone to them yet. Whatever made them choose you is in the your services that you offer

Words sales representative should include in their scripts


This is an endearment words to use in your sales script but must be used sparingly. The target gender that responds to this words are mostly female customers and a male customer you already had his attention.


In 2012, social psychologist Ellen Langer conducted a study in which subjects preparing to use a copy machine were approached by an experimenter who asked to use the machine first, before the subject began making copies for him or herself. The experimenter made the request using one of three scripts:

  1. Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine?
  2. Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine, because I have to make copies?
  3. Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine, because I’m in a rush?

Using the first line, subjects complied with the request 60% of the time. With the second script, 93% responded positively. Using the third line, 94% of subjects agreed to let the experimenter make copies first. Langer concluded that the word “because” was a key differentiator in getting a stranger to comply with an explicit request.

First and exclusively

First depicts new things while exclusively represents special things. Members Only, Ask for an Invitation, Be one of the few, Become an insider, be the first to hear about…Only available to subscribers/existing customers, Limited, Class full, Login required. This makes your customer feel special and you’re most likely to retain them.


Fix satisfy the craving that people crave for solutions to problem. The salesman should be able to market how the brand or product he or she is promoting adds value to them


Free is a compelling offer. In fact, behavioral scientist Dan Ariely insists that zero is a special price which not only decreases an item’s cost but increases its value.

In an article for The Next Web, entrepreneur Ali Abdullah says, “Two of the most powerful words in the English language are ‘free’ and ‘sex’. While the latter is a bit racy, the former presents an opportunity all brands should capitalize on.” In a 2012 experiment, researchers from the University of Minnesota found that they could sell 73% more hand lotion when they added a 50% volume bonus to each purchase instead of when the same bottle was sold at a 33% discount. Although the price per ounce was the same in both instances, shoppers seized the opportunity to claim the free offer with their purchase.

Free add-ons or services allow salespeople to avoid gratuitously discounting their products while adding special appeal to their offer and extending more value.

I don’t know

“I don’t know” can come with a bit of shame but it’s still a better poison that builds trust. The customers would easily prefer working with someone who is ethical and honest. The best way to admit “I don’t know” is by directly saying it, then using the client’s unanswered question as a follow-up item.


This is a psychic that works by trying to will the customer to see things from your perspective or in a simpler form. This can help you control the conversation.

We, together or us

Puts the customer in a team-related situation. It shows them you’re in the situation together and that you’re going to resolve it together.


Unusual solutions suggestions may be introduced when the customer you are very sure the customer is indecisive. Maybe they have been doing the same thing and getting the same result. Trying out the unusual might just be the answer.  

Urgency e.g. Now, expires, limited

For an easy way to incorporate “now” into your sales scripts, here are three questions leadership coach and persuasion expert Felicia Spahr recommends asking customers:

How would this help your business if you had this now?

What would happen if you didn’t invest today?

What other options are available for you?


This word triggers discount or offers more bundle value to you for a price you may not get for one. This is related to urgency in most sales scenario


Lifetime, Guarantee, Authentic, Certified, No obligation, Dependable, No risk, Proven, Secure, Verify, Safety, Endorsed, Protected, Unconditional, Money back, Genuine. These are the type of words you might want to check out if you want to retain your customer’s trust and run a risk free marketing campaign.

Finally, all top sales agents or sales representative should be able to learn about their potential customers. The calls should be more personalized with “you” as the target word. You should never refer to your customer as “individual” because of how institutionalized the word is. The more you’re used to your customers and play with this power words the easier your conversion will become.  Let us know what you think or any topic choice of yours would prefer to read from our blog.  

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